Thursday, June 08, 2017

Learning to sew

At some point over the last few weeks Sammi has been asking to learn to use the sewing machine.  I had tried and tried to teach her how to sew in Pre-k, but she has a super short attention span and was just not into it.

Wednesdays are craft day on our summer calendar, so in the afternoon we went to work.

Grant wanted in on the action too. I had them both start by sewing on paper.  (Grant stopped at paper.)

Once she was comfortable with paper we moved onto fabric. I bought fabric markers for writing quilt labels near Christmas (from amazon) and she had colored the fabric sample that came with it a month ago.  Then she cut it out before she asked me what to do next, so it sat around awhile while I thought about what to do.  I had her zig zag stitch it onto fabric and we made a doll pillow. She did the whole thing herself!  Including stuffing and finishing the stuffing hole.

This nutjob.  On Christmas break I gave him a mini charm pack I had no use for and he started making a little quilt with it. Just yesterday I finally got him to sew down the binding. (He refuses to take a serious photo these days. Almost 13!)

It's hanging on my new mini quilt wall in the sewing room already.

Success! And an hour with no fighting.

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