Friday, June 16, 2017

Mini quilt

I like using printed dish towels (usually from Walmart or target) for pillows and when I saw this one I knew it had to be mine. There is a big blank wall staring at me in the sewing room after moving the furniture, so I decided on a mini quilt instead of a pillow. Then I got the GREAT idea to free motion quilt the center.

Meh. I didn't enjoy that much. It requires a lot of thinking and apparently I like quilting to be mindless. Also, I just do not love the look. (In fact, if I can remember I will buy another towel in Walmart and try again.)

In other news - at 42 I am blind as a bat in a weird way! I can no longer see things up close. I spent two years with the glasses off and on, off and on and feeling insanely frustrated. Now I have switched to contacts for the first time in 20 years. I wear one for close and one for far and it mostly solves the problem.

Yesterday the kids started fighting at SIX AM.  UGH. I turned on CMT videos to try and distract them with music and Grant's mind was BLOWN! "Mom, what is this? how did you get this on? There are pictures to go with the music?!?!?!"  He really loves music and it was funny to watch. I have tried all sorts of methods for keeping music handy - ipad with a Bluetooth speaker, a regular old school boombox/cd player, using the music channels on the satellite/cable, but nothing really is easy and convenient. I am starting to wonder if one of these Echo gadgets is the way to go, but I will admit I do not love technology and I do not love the idea of those things listening in my house. LOL

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