Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tidy up

I have had the kids cleaning out their rooms so we can take stuff they don't want any more to goodwill.  Jack FINALLY is able to start letting go of some stuff (before he has refused.)  He did an awesome job getting rid of stuff, but getting rid of all the monopoly games really did make me sniff a little. He used to make me buy EVERY SINGLE monopoly game he saw and then he would spend hours and hours puttering around with them.

When we cleaned out Sammi's room it was the costumes that got me - she is done with all her princess costumes. She used to wear twenty costumes a day. (She did keep the animals though.)

It's those motherhood moments that sneak up on me the most - the "lasts".  Because really, the last of everything usually slips by unnoticed, doesn't it?

One other note - the kids had all slept in Jack's room on the weekend and at 6 am Grant decided to use the remote and BLAST the darn radio.  Sam came running out of there yelling - "now I am all the way awake and I like to wake up a little sleepy!"  I am still laughing about that.

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