Wednesday, June 21, 2017

water babies

 The little kids started swimming lessons this week.  Sammi loves it and is learning a lot.  Grant did great one day, okay the second day, by today he was crying and got out of the pool.
 He doesn't have great coordination and there is a child in his group who cries A LOT. Like a LOT. For at least half the lesson, hysterically screaming. I think it winds him up.
 Yesterday in the car after lessons I noticed that the usually very combative and argumentative grant was really mellow. We have had a snafu buying our pool pass this season (and our access to pools gets super limited as they keep closing the public pools), so yesterday I decided on a whim to just buy a big/little pool for the yard.
 They played out there for HOURS. And now they are exhausted. And not fighting because they have no will to live.

This might be genius on my part. Or it might make me crazy. You can never be too sure with these kids.

I am sure this is typical - but it's summer, the kids have been here a month and I am REALLY struggling to find any sort of balance in my own world. There  is no time to clean or sew or read and they just need SO MANY things all the day long. I cant even seem to eek out the time to get the kitchen floor clean. It's a bummer right now.

But anyway.

For now the pool is a small victory!

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  1. Their joy shines through in the pictures. I sure hope it makes summer a little easier for you. Hugs to you Sarah.


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