Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A quilt for my cup

Usually I use a gas station Styrofoam cup for water. I use it for at least a week, then get a new one on sunday.  It keeps my water cold!  Everyone else in the house has switched to steel cups and Dave thought I should try. But I hate the feel of steel. Shiver.

So I used a few vinage fabric scraps and made a cup quilt.
I still wish the cup was bigger, but the bigger ones are too big and heavy.

Plus I am feeling pretty clever with just how far my sewing skills really have come. I can apply tiny binding with ease, graduate the cup cozy to fit the curve of the cup, make all my edges meet nicely...just five years ago that would've been a struggle, not a sit down and spend thirty minutes sewing proposition! 

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  1. I was hesitant about switching to stainless stell, but I'm totally sold now. We have a few cups, but mostly I drink water out of my big honking stainless steel water bottle.


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