Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A week in the garden

I thought it would be interesting to see what I pick in a week's time. My garden is really not going super great this year.
I have a bunch of regular tomatoes about to go ripe. The romas have been suffering from blossom end rot.

The squash are having a hard time with pollinating. And I am having to hand pick off squash bugs every day.  The peppers also have blossom end rot and are making virtually no peppers. I fertilized this week. Carrots are still growing everywhere.

A mystery squash on the left (cross pollinated maybe?) cucumbers curling, a lone pepper.
Yellow squash going gangbusters.
The tomatillos are really hard to find in the tomato mess. I didn't put the cages on soon enough and my tomatoes are a hot jumbled mess. So, they are overripe!

I need to get the peaches soon I think. They aren't ready but the nets are not deterring the squirrels now that they are starting to be fragrant.

Next year I need to put flowers need the veggie garden to attract more bees. And I need better paths bc they are full of weeds and squash.

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  1. sprinkle a little Epsom Salt around the base of your tomato plants, it definitely gives them a boost! Next year when you plant them add crushed eggshells to the holes (adds calcium to the soil) and bury the tomato stems about halfway down. It will help with the end rot too!


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