Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cicadas are scary

We have a dying cicada on the porch.  The kids went to pick it up and it buzzed them. 

So they sat down to discuss how to get it into a cup.
Grant was not even going anywhere near it. So sam tried to push a cup near it. It buzzed her again and she freaked out. Off to get Jack to help.
Left alone, grant quickly decides he's outta there too.

Undeterred by Jack's refusal Sam tries again.
She manages to push it into the dirt.
I put the stick in front of it and it grabs on.  They can at least investigate it closer now. Note that Grant is still on the hell no train.

I sort of agree with Grant, cicadas are creepy. (It all started when a tiny Jack wiggled the eyes of a dead one at me!) LOL

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  1. Super cute post! Those things are a bit unnerving. LOL


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