Sunday, July 09, 2017

Flea Market Sundays

It was a loooooooong week around here. I finally made myself get up and go to the flea this morning kid less. I do actually find things to buy when I am not busy managing three crazy ass kids. But today was so hot I didn't stay very long.  I grabbed this awesome Christmas postcard from my fav couple.
This is a crappy photo of an amazing quilt. I think I am going to repair those few squares. It's good handwork for the summer days.

It is so cheerful!
And a pile of super cheap freezer baskets and a desk basket.  These were just too cheap. I thought I was done buying them, but shockingly I made three more of them fit in the pantry.  I do love these things, they extend my shelves quite a bit and are easy for the kids to root in.

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