Monday, July 10, 2017

Patriotic mantle

I decided I need a project I could do while the kids were swimming, so I started working on some of those Mollie Makes freebies kits. This took a long time actually. But! It served the purpose. I need to see what else is in that box.

I rearranged Sammi's room this week and to my HORROR discovered her $50/gallon paint has faded all over the place. That means I need to repaint her room too. Maybe when the kids go back to school...

I will come looking for this next year and not be able to find it, so I better get it in here! This was the patriotic mantle this year.

I just took it all down because I need to paint the dining room. With no will to live. Hmmmmm. Plus no way to stop between the kitchen and the sewing room. This should be exciting times!

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