Saturday, August 12, 2017

Shark Whale pencil pouch

I was cruising etsy for fabric the other day and they showed me a shark pencil pouch in their ads.  Of course I thought "I can make that."  I wanted to make it for Sammi for her gifted ed pencils.

So, off to google a pattern.  A pattern was easy enough to come by, but oh boy. I WISH WISH WISH I had had the foresight to google a different tutorial on putting a zip in a round pouch and used that instead.  Pain in the rumpus and not as nice as I would like.

It's cute, but I want to try making it again. You know, when I am done with the other 90 million projects.
Here is the pattern and tutorial, but really, do yourself a favor, go find some better zipper instructions and just use that. Assemble the fins and stuff, put the buttons on, then use the curved zip pouch tutorial to do the zipper, lining and finishing. You will not be sorry I told you so. Also please note SHE DOES NOT MENTION SEAM ALLOWANCE. You must add seam allowance.

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