Monday, August 07, 2017

What Cheer, the spoils

This time nearly everything in my cart was made of fabric. What a shocker!

First purchase - green/aqua picnic tin.

I passed up several nice, reasonably priced quilts and only bought this little beauty. It's flannel, the best aqua color (cloudy day today), and so, so soft!
Kids toboggan for Christmas card photos.

Oh boy, tablecloths again Sarah? My love is reignited, what can I say?

Fabric Scraps, some feedsack.

Vintage flatware. My kids want to know why. Why! For parties, no more disposable.
From the $1 bins. Doublglo angel, easter chick, two teacup wall plaques I have no clue what to do with.

Barely enough quilt squares to eek out a doll quilt. Maybe I should try hand quilting it.  And a rag ball. Why? It's like a fabric surprise ball as you unwind it! I was thinking it might be fun to try string piecing with it.

The fabric.
The sacks for my quilt in progress.
Feedsack border print pillowcases, my fav! 

For some reason while I was wandering I became obsessed with the idea of a kitchen rug. I found a few I liked, but at $10 I was having a hard time pulling the trigger (plus they were mass produced rag rugs).  Then I found this one - handmade and $3, score!

Thanks Iowa, I do not love your rural "no place to eat, no place to pee, no place to sleep"ness but I do love your junk!

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