Saturday, September 02, 2017

61 miles of yard sales

Yesterday Dave and I went on the annual end of summer, 61 mile yard sale trip. Even though some years this sale is a real dud, I really look forward to it as the mark of the end of the summer junk season. (Although to be perfectly honest I have done NO summer junking. No yard saling, no special fleas really. I just do not have time.)

This year was a really good year! Most of this came from just a few sales.

I can't seem to stop buying these old pink flannel blankets. Why? I *think* they will be making an appearance in our house feature in an upcoming magazine though! So at least it feels a little justified.

Tablecloth made from a feedsack.

I hit a super fabric sale! The one on the right is much better than this pic bc the pink was freaking out the camera.  The green is a feedsack.

Some vintage solids, a pink repro (I am dying to make that pink quilt still).

Border prints, those bows!
One of the best vintage prints ever.
A pair of GORGEOUS monogrammed white work pillow cases for Euro pillows. This was so hard to photograph.
New, old stock pillowcases.

Jadeite, a milk glass cake plate (no cake plate left behind man), and a paper mache Easter bunny.
1940s foundation pieced stars, complete with world war II newspapers still on the back. AMAZING.

A big bunch of science flasks.
A gorgeous Weller pot.
An old cowboy toss game. I am not sure what I am going to do with this, but I find that if I start overthinking everything on this sale then I end up buying nothing. It's better to buy a little too much and then sell it off later if I have to.

A whole box of letters.
Tiny embossed Halloween pail.

Super fun Purina chart.
A few die cuts.

And a pile of ornaments. Some old, some not so old, but still fun.

Until next year yard sale!

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