Sunday, October 21, 2018

On the tenth day of Halloween

On the tenth day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:

 One freshly minted 14 (!!) year old.
 Who does everything teenagers are infamous for (and then some),
 Who is now taller than me,
 And who is rapidly gaining on his father too!

Hapde Burfday Jack!

It also gave me:
 THREE parties in one weekend! One at kindergarten, one Halloween themed party at our house with Halloween food (clementine faces courtesy of grant, who thoroughly enjoyed giving them lots of different faces);

 and one birthday party sleepover too.
 Plus! A hot air balloon on the way to the flea, and!
some flea market loot!

Hopefully I can manage to pull off the great pumpkin series this year, but it's looking dodgy at best.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pumpkin Patchin'

 It was FREEZING cold and the kids were pretty much complaining nonstop this year.  Grant, however, is a photo superstar.

You can see the other two are not so great in the cooperation department. LOL

Oh well, until next year pumpkin patch!

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Hapde Burfday Grant

 And then he was 6!
 (90th percentile for height and weight and surpassing Samantha at this point.)
My Dearest Grant,

Now you are 6! (I am a few days late, LOL).

At 6 you are:
adjusting to kindergarten (You hate how long the days are, and I agree, half day kindy was the way to go, but sadly, the world has changed)
reading short books
writing sentences
good at making friends (even with enemies)
completely obsessed with Minecraft and pokemon (ugh)
hate wearing jeans AND "regular" shorts (and making  me crazy about it)
still absolutely, positively the most stubborn child I have ever laid eyes on
an early riser (hello barely 6 am every single day)
suddenly a picky eater
convinced you cannot do anything by yourself, and then you do
still enjoying music
have a real understanding of words and how to use words (in a way that Jack still does not)
tying your shoes (even though you said you would NEVER be able to do that)
still enjoying gymnastics
still clumsy and not sure how to get your feet to work
learning Spanish and sign language at school (hurray!)
still sure you are NEVER getting in the big public pool again even though you love all the other pools
love playing with numbers in your head (like someone else we know, ahem)

And so much more.

I love you so much little dude!

Happy Birthday,

Monday, October 01, 2018

boo! the front window

I got an idea that I wanted to put the blow molds in the front window this year.  Usually I spread them around (and never light them), but as the collections are growing it seemed like maybe I would enjoy them more in the window. 
 I LOVE the result.  It took a long time to get this right.  Adding things to raise the levels of some of them, getting them all plugged in. It was not an easy job for sure.
 I think on Halloween night I will drop those battery operated tea lights into the pails to get them lit up too.

Fun, right?

Friday, September 28, 2018

Flea Market Friday

 This is all from more than one flea market trip, I am obviously behind on blogging.  I have gotten VERY lucky on Halloween masks this year. The little red riding hood costume is ADORABLE. I feel so lucky to have it!

 The hearts on this quilt are unique, but it's destined to be sold.
 This is child sized and look at the novelty feedsack.
 Sewing! Love.

 I have a gilded frame sickness.
And one more cutie for that collection too!