Thursday, June 21, 2018

Red, white and blue all the things

 I started to think it was time to take down the royal wedding stuff, the mother's day stuff and errmm, the easter stuff, when I realized we were several weeks into summer break already. This job took so long man.  Two trees, two quilt ladders, one mantel (that required framing things), three pillows, some bunting on the porch, plus my postcard fence.

First up, the feather tree. Same as always here.
 I put up some red (ish) quilts and my patriotic airplanes on this ladder.
 This ladder is different this year - my old flags, some hats, and an old flannel ball jersey.
 Wire tree, same as always.
 I framed up my smokey the bear posters for the fireplace. And yes, one needs to be moved, but they were hard to hang and I Need Dave's help with that. Ugh. I went really simple with the stuff on it this year, as I have yet to find anything I really love for this. I think this is as close as to love as I have come. (A lot of red and navy is just not really my usual speed.)
 One side...
The other.

I am digging it.

All that's left is to find something to put in my big dough bowl on the table...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Of course it's pillow time

 When I put up all the patriotic stuff I realized it was probably time to swap some pillows. The kids play pretty rough them and they were in need of a wash.  After deciding to hang up my smokey the bear posters above the fireplace it was a no brainer to turn this slightly worse for the wear smokey scarf into a pillow.
 He is so fun! Now that it is a little more stable I am going to try sunning those stains a bit more.

 These firecrackers can be found here. I have the stinking pieces on backwards. When I was making these I realized just how long it has been since I have done this kind of piecing. I have become a total paper piecing convert. Cutting a ton of pieces felt like it took a long time!
And then this one. Those stars are made of so many small parts! But I do love the end result. I used some civil war repros for this.

Pillow update? Done until the autumn!

Fathers Day

On Father's Day this year Dave and I can think of nothing other than what is happening in America right now.  We would do anything for our children, not unlike the mothers and fathers who have made harrowing journeys to make it to America seeking political asylum. To be ripping those families apart and then putting those children into CAGES is really, truly the height of horrifying.

I am so sick of the bickering about whose fault it is! Who bloody cares whose at fault? IT MUST STOP NOW. Stop acting like five year olds fighting over the blue cup and act. Immigration is certainly not an easy problem to solve, but we must act with morality and humanity. 

If you are reading and haven't done so already you can text the resistbot to send letters to your congress people, you can use to find scripts and phone numbers to contact your congress people, you can find local marches and groups on facebook, you can donate money to the ACLU, whatever it is you choose - DO SOMETHING. For the sake of those poor innocent children threatened with tents in the blazing heat of a texas summer, do something now. Do not let your desire to support one person be the downfall of your own personal moral compass. 

"First they came for the socialists and I did nothing..."

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Summer saturdays are for garage sales

 I was still lying in bed on Saturday morning when a garage sale ad caught my eye. This really doesn't happen very often (even with 500+ ads on craigslist every week) AND I was at a disadvantage. It was 751 when I saw the ad for a sale starting at 8 am. With a 23 minute drive between me and it. Around here if you are not there an hour BEFORE they start you are usually way too late. But, my gut said it was worth rushing like a maniac to get there.  And I was rewarded!  The fabrics above were in the Ziploc bags in the pic below.

 I thought this might have been a sewing basket, but it has a label inside, so maybe it was a purse?
 Yes please!
 Feedsack pillow case.
 The pile of fabric bags.
 I have been REALLY dying to get bentwood stools for the kitchen. This is only one, but I am on the hunt for two  or three more.
 Somehow in my complicated dance of emailing photos to myself from my phone, then saving them to the computer I didn't get the full photo of this precious doll quilt. I didn't even know what it was when I threw it in my box at the sale - maybe it was just an off cut of a quilt, but in it went. Turns out it is perfect! And I never find doll quilts.
Plus! There was a second one! Also perfect.

Total win for me that morning.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday field trips

 We had a few days where the temps were only in the low 80s, so I jumped at the chance to get the kids outside.  They picked the zoo, so off we went.

 (How many thousands of trips have I made on this train now?)
 The last time we went Sam was DYING to see the red panda. Apparently the red panda from our zoo appears in one of her books. Wellll, wouldn't you know that the darn thing was nowhere to be found. So, we went back to it first thing this time. And again! Nowhere to be found because they were cleaning the enclosure.  A tiny toddler comes over to me while we were watching the baby groundhogs (ADORABLE!) and says "why there is no panda ever?"  I replied, "I know! We have the same problem and it's what we came for!"

So, we rode the train and then came right back. And! We were rewarded, there was the panda.  We hung out until it went back into a little cave.
Wonder what field trip they will pick this week? LOL

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Take me out to the ball game

 Last year we didn't take the kids to a baseball game as the year before it went VERY badly with Grant. This year the Cards did a $5 promo - $5 tickets plus a $5 food voucher, so we jumped on it.  The kids did pretty good, we made it until the 5th inning (In fairness the 5th inning took almost an hour).  It was STINKING hot though and we were at the very very top of the stadium.

I do LOVE how with the new stadium you can peek at the arch though.

I was reminded when we finally pulled in the driveway at 10 30 pm so hot and sweaty and tired of why I live our frontier league baseball team so much! The small stadium for the rascals is much more my speed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The end of preschool

Eeek! Somehow I forgot to get these posted. 

In mid may Grant finished preschool. For some reason they didn't take the grad photos this year, so I bought a cap and gown on Amazon and took him to JCP.  

More than that though, this is truly the end of an era for us both. He is off to the big school on the big yellow angel in August, and for the first time in almost 14 years I will be without a kid at home with me.

He and I are both chewing on what this means for us. He is not sure he is ready to be away from home all day and I am not sure what the days without a kid always needing something will look like!

I do know that my burn out is LEGIT and I am 100% ready for a change.

I also know that once he starts school is going to be off and running! Learning a million new things, making new friends and really setting the world wide open for himself. School really does change my kids, but in all the right ways.

So, here's to our new adventure!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Flea market monday

 This stuff is all at least a week old now, but blogging for me seems to work best in big chunks right now. I queue up a bunch of posts at one time and off they go on schedule.

I paid quite a bit for this box of ornaments but they are HUGE.
 I bought this buttons from one of my favorite vendors. She is 94! Isn't that amazing?
 Old bath towels are SO tiny, right? I use them as hand towels in my bathroom. Aren't the kitties too cute?
Two weeks ago my dad came over for dinner.  It was shortly after my birthday. He came bearing gifts - a replacement apple tree (yes!) and this GORGEOUS amish made basket. It is giant! I am still working out where to keep it, but it will be lovely stuffed full of quilts, of course. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2018

A sunday funny

Grant was messing with my phone yesterday. "Siri, what time is it in heaven?" "I Don't know." "Can we YouTube it?"


Friday, June 01, 2018

The Quilt Story - A story book quilt for grant

Grant goes through phases with books. He will become obsessed with a book and ask me to read it a hundred times before he moves on to the next one. For awhile it was The Quilt Story.  One night he asked me to make him a quilt like the quilt in the book. I chewed on it a little, made a drawing, ordered some fabric and there it sat. I was having a million problems with the decision making AND I could not find a pattern I liked for the stars.

After trying several things - patterns on craftsy, patterns in books, an old 1930s pattern for the star of Arcturus, I gave up. (I had even English paper pieced the stars for the pattern which took forever!)

Eventually I stumbled on a free program called Quilt Assistant. It is surprisingly easy to use and within a day or so I had created my own pattern.

 Then I was off and running! Except a new snag arose. I LOVED the graphic quality of the blue and white stars so much that my original color plan for the outer blocks really did not work anymore.

Cue more sitting.
 At this point this quilt had been on my desk for three months!  I made one more change - changing all of the colors and then got down to business finally. I set a goal of finishing this thing before school was out and I almost made it. Yesterday I put the last stitches in the binding while my dad was here visiting.

By now you might be thinking, Sarah, this does not look like the quilt in the book. I really love making story book quilts. It's my favorite I think. (I have done Little Owl and Goodnight moon before.)

I like to take elements of the story and out them in the quilt. In this story once the quilt is forgotten and tucked away all sorts of animals make a home in it.  There is a raccoon...
 A cat..
 A family of mice...
 There is a tea party that spills tea on the quilt...
 Hearts are on the original.

 I put houses in the corners because in the book the little girl moves house and discovers the best thing at the new house is her old quilt.
And a fun constellation print on the back to go with the shooting stars.

I was one block short so I added the year.

Grant's favorite part?

His name!

A quilt story quilt for Grant
Feb 2018-May 2018
Cotton batting
Machine quilted
Lots of foundation pieced blocks
Designed by mom, with love

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pool time

 I do NOT want to talk about the drama that was two days of digging in the blazing hot, record setting 100 degree heat because someone thought we should level the area where the pool sits this year. I also do not want to talk about how after two days of death work we are now apparently leaking somewhere. Nope, not gonna.  Instead I am going to look at the kids enjoying the pool.
 Yeaup, that's the ticket.