Thursday, May 10, 2018

Garage sale time and it was a win!

 We went to a city wide garage sale a few weeks ago. I actually enjoy the city wide thing. Yes, its a LOT of baby toys and new home d├ęcor, but there are always some vintage treasures mixed in there in nearly every garage in the right cities! 

This frame was nutso huge! How would you even get it home?
 In the back of one garage was a pile of grandma's linens. The price was right so I took the whole pile. This pink velvet will be repurposed into part of a pillow. It is SO soft.
Doll quilt with grandma's label.

 Look at that baby blanket! Sugar and spice. I need to think of how to use it.

 I think that's an old pajama bag.

 This is on it's way to a new home already.

How were these gorgeous ornaments still sitting there at 10 am!  Love.

It was a great garage sale day that day for sure.

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