Friday, May 11, 2018

One more favorite garage sale

 Once junk season started rolling it started rolling in fast. I need to sell off quilts already! LOL

Another favorite garage sale event just passed. I usually buy stuff other than linens at this, but this time? Nope, all the linens again.  This Is a very sweet little doll quilt.
 More tablecloths.
 (I have to sort out some more from the collection to sell off soon.)
 Boy I LOVE this wedding ring quilt. It's so scrappy and her blue. Just love.

A Version of a postage stamp.

 Teeny tiny start to a quilt project, they are so small! I am itching to finish this for her, but another quilt has to be finished first.

 I die from the cut on these pegs.
 And another quilt to sell.
Seems like luck is with me lately!

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  1. Wow, what a collection! Those quilts are really lovely.


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