Monday, May 07, 2018

What Cheer

Sometimes I log into the blog right now and think really? It's been two weeks again? I've not written down a single funny thing the kids have done?  And then I realize that today's list in my head goes something like this:
book fair for sam
Deal with Sam's cough
Swimming camp for sam
Portrait appointment for grant
minecraft camp for jack
smoke test on dave's van
gymnastics sign up for next year for sam
curtains for preschool teacher
sort out what grant wants to do about gym next year
get shorts into sam's drawers
work on grant's quilt
and yea. It is no wonder my brain feels like toast.

Dave and I managed to sneak off for 11 hours to Iowa to go to what cheer. The insane weather this year means that the junk season got off to a REALLY slow start, but now we are off and running. It's a four hour drive, then we spend about 4 hours shopping (Until my feet are dead and I want a real toilet and an ice cold coke.)

This year my basket was FULLLLLLLL of all the linens.

This is a crappy quick photo shoot (most of which we were texted to a girlfriend, but they get the job done.)  An iowa tablecloth!!!! Yippppeee. I still need a Missouri one I think.
I am totally going to put this towel hook in the kid's bathroom and sew loops on the handtowels. They are constantly throwing that thing on the floor. I think this will slow them down.

I bought an entire cart full of chenille blankets because the price was smoking. They are all cutters.

I didn't buy these, but I loved, loved the softness of those antique double pinks.
I didn't buy them either, but how cute are they?!!
I didn't buy this either but I love this idea (And I do not usually love furniture like this. It makes a dresser more usuable in a dining or kitchen area I think.)

This one is purple.

 UGH! I had to wash this even though I didn't want to because weirdly there were tiny snails on it. Now that area near the center is even worse. This will probably be sold off as a cutter.
 This is a quilt top in rough shape. That's ok then I can cut it up.
 A few pieces of fabric.

 Love that yellow tablecloth. I am into yellow again lately.
 Feedsacks that had been used as tablecloths - bonnets and feathers.
It was a nice trip and I always look forward to it!

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