Monday, June 11, 2018

Flea market monday

 This stuff is all at least a week old now, but blogging for me seems to work best in big chunks right now. I queue up a bunch of posts at one time and off they go on schedule.

I paid quite a bit for this box of ornaments but they are HUGE.
 I bought this buttons from one of my favorite vendors. She is 94! Isn't that amazing?
 Old bath towels are SO tiny, right? I use them as hand towels in my bathroom. Aren't the kitties too cute?
Two weeks ago my dad came over for dinner.  It was shortly after my birthday. He came bearing gifts - a replacement apple tree (yes!) and this GORGEOUS amish made basket. It is giant! I am still working out where to keep it, but it will be lovely stuffed full of quilts, of course. :)

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