Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The end of preschool

Eeek! Somehow I forgot to get these posted. 

In mid may Grant finished preschool. For some reason they didn't take the grad photos this year, so I bought a cap and gown on Amazon and took him to JCP.  

More than that though, this is truly the end of an era for us both. He is off to the big school on the big yellow angel in August, and for the first time in almost 14 years I will be without a kid at home with me.

He and I are both chewing on what this means for us. He is not sure he is ready to be away from home all day and I am not sure what the days without a kid always needing something will look like!

I do know that my burn out is LEGIT and I am 100% ready for a change.

I also know that once he starts school is going to be off and running! Learning a million new things, making new friends and really setting the world wide open for himself. School really does change my kids, but in all the right ways.

So, here's to our new adventure!

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