Friday, June 01, 2018

The Quilt Story - A story book quilt for grant

Grant goes through phases with books. He will become obsessed with a book and ask me to read it a hundred times before he moves on to the next one. For awhile it was The Quilt Story.  One night he asked me to make him a quilt like the quilt in the book. I chewed on it a little, made a drawing, ordered some fabric and there it sat. I was having a million problems with the decision making AND I could not find a pattern I liked for the stars.

After trying several things - patterns on craftsy, patterns in books, an old 1930s pattern for the star of Arcturus, I gave up. (I had even English paper pieced the stars for the pattern which took forever!)

Eventually I stumbled on a free program called Quilt Assistant. It is surprisingly easy to use and within a day or so I had created my own pattern.

 Then I was off and running! Except a new snag arose. I LOVED the graphic quality of the blue and white stars so much that my original color plan for the outer blocks really did not work anymore.

Cue more sitting.
 At this point this quilt had been on my desk for three months!  I made one more change - changing all of the colors and then got down to business finally. I set a goal of finishing this thing before school was out and I almost made it. Yesterday I put the last stitches in the binding while my dad was here visiting.

By now you might be thinking, Sarah, this does not look like the quilt in the book. I really love making story book quilts. It's my favorite I think. (I have done Little Owl and Goodnight moon before.)

I like to take elements of the story and out them in the quilt. In this story once the quilt is forgotten and tucked away all sorts of animals make a home in it.  There is a raccoon...
 A cat..
 A family of mice...
 There is a tea party that spills tea on the quilt...
 Hearts are on the original.

 I put houses in the corners because in the book the little girl moves house and discovers the best thing at the new house is her old quilt.
And a fun constellation print on the back to go with the shooting stars.

I was one block short so I added the year.

Grant's favorite part?

His name!

A quilt story quilt for Grant
Feb 2018-May 2018
Cotton batting
Machine quilted
Lots of foundation pieced blocks
Designed by mom, with love

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  1. Your talent is outrageous! I can't even imagine being able to do what you do. :)


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