Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Around the house

 I did manage a little bit of house puttering this summer. I made a new bathroom curtain based on pinterest one that has been on my pinterest boards for like 8 years. I still am not sure I love it.
 I finally got so sick of looking at a constant mess in Sam's room that I used up some gift cards and bought her new shelves. It's been my experience with the kids that cube shelves are kept infinitely tidier than book shelves.  I have to say it's been a total win - she really has kept it tidy.
 I bought her some dream catchers for the wall next to her bed after being unable to come up with any other ideas.
And I finally found some organizers that fit her vintage desk.

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  1. I love your curtain! And I totally agree about cube shelves and (smallish) baskets/bins for kids (and me)...


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