Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Some days you are able to just cruise along like this is no big deal.

And then there are others. Making masks is a weirdly emotional thing to do - sad, really.

People have started protesting. I get it, everyone feels like a sitting duck on both sides of the fence I suppose. I have no idea how businesses, or the economy, recover from this. Everything on tv Is one dire prediction after another. And then yesterday we ended up with a pretty massive pay cut. It’s hard not to panic at least a little. Everything is uncertain, you still can’t easily but so many things, and my own ability to make money has been shut down as well. I depend on that - not as income security, but as mental security that I can always make a buck if we need it.

So, that’s what this week has held. I need to sit with this financial thing a few days and get my head around it I suppose. If this doesn’t start to turn around soon it starts crushing dreams for next year too. Bleak thoughts.

We’ve had a little kerfluffle with jack about school work that he was apparently not completing. I have NEVER had to even think twice about jack and school, and that bugs too. I 1000% understand his attitude and reluctance, but here we are kid. All
Of us. And like most things in life, this just must be done.

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