Thursday, June 30, 2005

This is my really beautiful kid, and his naughty grin. Just before this photo was taken, I fished a piece of tape out of his mouth. Yes, somehow he managed to eat tape that he picked off the highchair from somewhere while I was sitting right there, adding his new tooth to his baby book. 3 days ago he ate a wad of cat hair, a month ago he ate a magazine subscription card. LOL. How did kids and parents ever survive this?
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  1. Assorted things eaten by me and my kid sister in childhood:

    cigarette butts (hey, all those grownups put these in their mouths--they must be eating them, right?)

    Prell shampoo concentrate (whole tube)

    Poisonous mushrooms from backyard

    Finish off a color photo (gnawed off with top teeth)

    Most of those were her, not me. We're fine now. Mostly.

  2. LOL, they actually took photos of me eating cigarette butts, instead of, ya know, taking them away from me. (Parent-DER)

  3. Ha ha ha! Parents are so funny. (ironyDER).

    My worst babysitting scare either was when I was about 14 and sitting for these two kids whose parents were from Mississippi (so the 4 y.o. daughter had a great drawl).

    I was upstairs reheating mac and cheese and the 4 yo and the 1 yo were in the basement playroom. Up shouts the 4 y.o.: "Alyssuh? Tommeh's turnin' blue!"

    I was frantic, of course. Was he choking? Strangling on an errant drape cord?

    "Tommeh" was, in fact, chewing on a blue Crayola magic marker. And his face certainly was turnin' blue. It was funny...later.


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