Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sending internet messages already, LOL. Let's see....Jack's newest skill acquistions include, saying "dog, woof woof", holding up one finger and replying "one" in answer to "how old are you?", recognizing objects, for example, being able to pick out a block from a pile of other toys, being able to feed his baby doll with a spoon, he adores tooth brushing suddenly (thanks to the new blinking toothbrush!), he can climb onto the furniture, he is walking about 25% of the time, he has figured out what a handrail is for, and best of all, he gives kisses!
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  1. Happy New Year, Jack! I hope you and your Mommy are doing well. It sounds like you are doing many new new favorite things to do are say "uh oh" and when Mommy or Daddy says "Sleep-sleep Sadie", I immediately lay down on the nearest pillow or stuffed animal and say, "aaaah!".

  2. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Looks like you might have a future in IT, son.

  3. Like Father, like son! Although looking at this site, I think Mama is the one with the computer skills! WOW! This impressive!


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