Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Absence make the heart grow fonder?

So, we have been a little absent from our blog lately. Blame the cold that none of us can get rid of, or the never ending Jack-a-thon going on around here lately!

In the past 2 or so weeks Jack turned 15 months old! He is now walking full time, can stand on a stool to wash his hands in the sink, is making more animals noises like meow and sssssssssss-snake, he says OK! (he has quite the vocabulary these days), can sign for "more", squeals wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! with delight while going down the slide (and he attempts to climb back up to go again), HATES having his runny nose wiped, is helping to dress and undress himself, sings the theme song from Elmo's World (la la la la, Elmo! he says), and, worst of all, has somehow managed to chip his front tooth!

I was very, very upset about the tooth for a few days, but, in light of all the other developments, I think I am over it. LOL.

Amazing what 15 months can do in the life of a little person.

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