Tuesday, May 30, 2006

These shoes are the latest objects of Jack's affection. The first time he saw them in Target, he held up his feet and started saying "Jack's shoes, Jack's shoes." They didn't "really" have them in his size, so we left them behind. (He needs a 5, the smallest they carry is a 6.) 2 days later, we were without electricity due to the heat wave, and we saw the shoes at Journey's kids (for more than double the price!), Jack started to scream and cry in the store "I want this, I want this." I went promptly to Target, where upon seeing them again, he started chanting "I want this, shoes, shoes." We bought them of course. The very first thing the next morning, he went to get the shoes, carried them to me very carefully and insisted I put them on him. Toddlers! Posted by Picasa

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