Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hang onto your Lederhosen

Well, Blogger has not been cooperative lately, so I have a lot to share. (I am thinking about moving to a different blog site, but, we shall see.) This is what happens when a mosquito bite goes bad. It started out small, but by the afternoon it was a big as the circle that the doctor made on Jack's leg. The freaking thing was "blinking", and thus necessitated an emergency trip to the doctor on Monday. It is all but gone now, but the doctor said he never seen anything like it. Apparently it was right on a blood vessel, and as the blood was circulating, it caused the "blinking" appearance. It looked just like a firefly was inside his leg. Poor baby.

The playdough is still a big hit. (Jack will sit and play with it for almost an entire hour, that is a blissful break.) He made this caterpillar shape all by himself. (I rolled the balls). The cheesy grin? Well, it's because I taught him to say Cheese! when he gets his picture taken today. So cute!

I bought these letters for Jack at a rummage sale for about $0.25. They each have a Sesame Street photo of something that starts with the letter on them. Jack went right for "E" for Elmo and "I" for ice cream, even though he doesn't like ice cream at all. They are super cute, and it was complete, to my surprise. Jack is interested in learning the names of letters, but is really only good at "S" at the moment.

Totally cute thrifted vintage sheet. I am not sure what I am going to make with it yet, but how could I pass it up? It was even 25% off day!

Back in the beginning of June, we took Jack to Grant's Farm. He loved, loved, loved it! He went into the goat pen with us and gave the goats a bottle. We saw chickens, and guinea pigs, and eagles and elephants, oh my! It was much better than I remember it being as a kid, and Jack soaked up every minute of it. We will certainly be returning.

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Holy mosquito bite! Wow! Are the bugs in your neck of the woods on steroids?

    Awesome score with the letters! I can't believe those were only 25 cents!


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