Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In honor of 6-6-06

This is our very old pumpkin. I bought this before Jack was even born (by just a week or so, but, still). It has been sitting on our kitchen counter for almost 2 years now. Inexplicably, it never rotted. Sadly, I discovered the first signs of decay this week. I wanted to take a picture of "her" with our now very big! Jack before we have to bury her in the yard. I will miss you old pumpkin. Fare thee well....

What got me started on all this Halloween stuff is that Dave and I had tickets to the premiere screening of the remake of The Omen last night. It was awesome! We both think it was much, much better than the original. And, despite having seen the original a gazillion times (I think we watched it at least 20 times the week Jack was born, him being a Halloween-ish baby and all), there are plenty of bits that made us jump out of our seats. It is nearly identical to the first as far as the screenplay goes, but it feels much fresher, and much more appropriate given the current state of the union. (For those who aren't in the know, the premise of the movie is that the Anti Christ must be raised by a powerful politician in order to take over the world. I won't spoil the end by telling you who is he raised by though!)

We highly recommend you go see it for some good, middle of the year, scare you out of your pants fun.

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