Thursday, July 06, 2006

Crafting it up, onesie style

Ok, so I went a little crazy after discovering yet another beautiful crafty blog. (, she has directions for this project on her website also). Which, BTW, I am desperate to redesign this blog, but I am having trouble finding the time AND figuring out how to do it. WAhhhhh! I want a beautiful blog that really shows my style too! Anyway, back to the onesies. The J is by far my favorite, but certainly Jack's favorite will be Pons (which is still a WIP, I need to finish the blanket stitching.) The circles are cute, but the embroidery over the iron on fusing was hard (I think I should have splurged on the special more flexible fusible underlay) and the lines aren't as straight as I wanted them to be. And the fabric is more flowery than I would have liked, but the choices at Joanns sucked. I have loads and loads of beautiful vintage femine fabrics, but no little girls to sew for! :-( C'est la vie!

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