Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I left Jack alone for a moment the other day, and I returned to find him sitting on the kitchen counter digging through this pile. These are thrifted developmental learning materials, and he loves them. I only paid $0.80 per box, and at first I only picked up 4 or 5 of them. Then I actually left the thrift store! Silly me, I knew I made a huge mistake and went back to buy more of them. There are all sorts of interesting things in those boxes. Puzzles, inch cubes, graduated wooden cylinders (for learning about spatial relationships among other things), cards for putting stories in order, stencils for fine motor skills, I could go on and on really. A great buy, for both of us. (BTW, that is a big pile of fat old cat lying next to him, lol. I guess the cat likes them too.)
Lucky me! Look what the mailman brought me. It is a bit of a long sordid tale, but, I bought a vintage stuffie pattern off Ebay and when it arrived it was incomplete. (This after I paid more than $20 for it.) I was desperately googling trying to find a replacement, when I stumbled upon another blogging crafty mama who had recently purchased the same pattern. I nervously emailed her, (it felt a little wierd to email a virtual stranger and say I was desperately coveting something she had), and she was kind enough to photocopy the pieces I was missing for me AND she sent me these lovely, amazing bits with the pattern! I cannot wait to use them. Thank you Krista, .

P.S. I am still having some font troubles with the new template, if you cannot read anything, please let me know. I know the links fonts need to be changed, but my husband reports he cannot read the post text either. (It looks fine on my machine, so feedback is needed!)


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Cool learning toys! I am not sure that I would have recognized those for what they are if I just happened upon them in a thift shop!

    I need to increase the text size on my browser to read your posts. Usually I'm good with it set on "medium" but I change it to "large" when I come here.

  2. What a great score! Eek, he can get on the counter himself?! I'm not looking forward to the day when my daughter can do that. :)

    If I increase the text size, I can read your post text. At normal settings it's really difficult to read, though.

  3. I can read your blog perfectly...the font is just fine for me and I keep my browser set on medium. I am using Safari on a Mac, if that makes a difference.

    Those DLM materials are wonderful. I always, always buy them if I find them anywhere. Why don't they make stuff like that any more?


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