Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's too hot, but the luck is pretty good

Some pictures of fabric I rummaged up this past week. The ones on the top are my favorite, even though the photo isn't the best. (It's actually too hot to take the camera outside. It causes the lens to fog over after being stored in the A/C.) The ones on the bottom are cute too, but the pieces are pretty bitsy. There is also a piece of a cutter quilt (top photo) I bought for a dollar (maybe 4 feet square), that is lovely and destined to be something great.

And, in the middle (why does blogger plop the photos in such random order? Anyone know? The only way to avoid it is to load them one at a time, too much work), is Jack at the Festival of Nations, watching a drum band. He wasn't quite sure to make of all the commotion. We ate loads of interesting food, including Thai, Native American, Greek and some Ethiopian. I had been hoping to find some rose colored morrocan tea glasses (like this: Pink tea glasses about half way down), but no luck. I have been to every Middle Eastern grocery in St Louis, and still those things elude me.

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