Saturday, July 22, 2006

Martha Stewart Sponge Ball. It's so easy to make your own! Cut 4 sponges into 16 pieces total. (So cut each sponge in half, then each half into half again.) Stack them together in a 4x4 square, gather the middle with a rubberband. Voila! Your very own sponge ball.
While I was cleaning out the pantry and putting away the Costco stuff, Jack was reading the cookbooks. He loves reading just about anything, books, magazines, newspapers, etc. He is really in love with this NOLS cookbook that my Eagle Scout husband has had forever. He makes me read it to him every day. I am here to tell you, reading an outdoor cookbook may be fun for baby, but not so fun for mama!

P.S. Is the font better for you yet?


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    The font is perfectly readable, no worries!

    And don't you just love Martha's little tutorials? I am filling up a book with all my favorites (our local thrift store has piles of MS living mags that date back at least ten years - holy archive bliss!) so I can refer to them easily, I'm thinking of posting a few favs in the near future, just for fun.

    And Costco! Big, big fan here... I didn't know you had them in the States. Cool!

  2. Loving the sponge ball. I've got to make some more homemade toys!

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Cool! Is the sponge ball a new item on Martha's site? I hadn't noticed it before!

    The font on this post is perfectly readable (maybe even a little large). The text on the previous post is smaller on my display and also clear.

  4. I like the sponge ball - that is a really great thing!

    Re: the font, I find it hard to read because it is very thin on a light background. Maybe everyone's computer monitor is different so that what you see is not what I see, etc? )*shrug* I can still read it though!

  5. Thanks to everyone for their input on the font problems. Alexandra, the problem is that if your computer doesn't have the font I have chosen for the text, it then defaults to another one we chose, and then another one, and so forth. So, YES, everyone sees something different!

    On my computer it isn't thin at all, LOL.


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