Monday, July 10, 2006


Well, thanks to my husband, I have new digs! What do you think? I think it is lovely. In fact, I come here once a day just to admire it's loveliness. So much better than the boring, dotty old template. So much more "me"!

We tried Jack in the toddler bed again this weekend. Looking at the picture you might be thinking, "gee, that went really well!" Do not be fooled. (Although I have no idea how something that started so right could end up so wrong.) For starters, I got lucky at Pottery Barn Kids. That blanket you see Jack there with is "dandy," the beloved security blanket. Dandy is a chamois blanket from Pottery Barn Kids, which also happens to make sheets in the same chamois fabric. Well, the crib sheets in the store here retail for something like $60. We happened to find one in the clearance pile, in the same color as Dandy, for $15. (Score!) The package said it was lightly soiled, but never mind that, there was really nothing on it, and I wasn't scared anyway, being the stain removal queen and all. LOL.
ANYWAY, we get the thing home, and drag out the toddler bed. While we are carrying it to his room, Jack is exclaiming "I try, I try!" I put the sheet on, and I swear, I have never seen my kid with such bliss. He rolled all around for more than 30 mins exclaiming "dandy! dandy!" (Of course, to him the sheet is also dandy.)
I had such high hopes. However, come bedtime, Jack would.not.sleep. in that bed. For anything. So, he and both Dandy's are back in the crib.
I understand. I am also very attached to my lovely nest (a.k.a. bed.) Sometime this week I will show it to you.

And, of course, I have been thrifting. This is my favorite, favorite, favorite sheet of all. SO much gorgeous fabric. I need a new project!


  1. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Very swish!

  2. Your blog looks wonderful. I like the redesign.

    You are so creative and crafty. Those curtains in the picture are so beautiful.

    And Jack is just the cutest. He makes me smile everytime I see his picture!

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    First, the new design is sooo pretty!

    Madeline has a PBK chamois crib sheet and I wish that I could steal it. Totally understand why Jack is attached to Dandy; Madeline loves her chamois crib sheet!


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