Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yesterday was my first weekday morning without Jack since he has been born. He was with grandma Jane, which was lovely, since I had nothing to do! I had breakfast, read the newspaper and did a little sewing. I modified a pencil pouch idea from Martha Stewart, and made a train/car pouch for Jack out of some Thomas fabric he recently picked out. I think it turned out pretty well, minus the little problem of having first sewn one of the ribbons onto the wrong side. I set it on his toybox for him to find this morning, and he was delighted to discover the cars hiding in there!
I turned my back for just a moment, and Jack jumped into the tub with all of his clothes on. I really like this photo, "Hey mama, why do I have these pants on?"


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    That was a perfect project for the fabric - it leaves enough of the image panels intact! And when your little guy is old enough, he can use it to practice tying bows LOL!

    Jack-in-the-Bath is really cute :)

  2. I love the new design! It looks wonderful.

  3. I love him!!! And the caption, "Why am I wearing these". We have a Grandma Jane too.

  4. This is a great photo of Jack - priceless! -Biogirl


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