Monday, September 25, 2006

I spy

While we were shopping at Archivers , my husband spotted these terrific, super sparkly letters. I love, love, love them. Oh the possibilities! And reasonably priced too, $10 for more than 80 letters, numbers and shapes. The company's website is K&Company , just in case you need some for yourself. (I know you do!)

I made this owl for Jack last night using a pattern found at craftster . It didn't come together as easily (or as nicely) as I had hoped. The velvet I used for the front of the body just shreds when you sew it. I am going to try again, using some modifications to the pattern I think. I put it at Jack's place at the kitchen table, and when he finally spotted it, he went running over to it exclaiming "whooooo whooooo mama!"

I have the birthday invitations sorted out, but am still working on the cupcake issue. Photos of the invites tomorrow. (If Blogger will cooperate, their constantly being down is becoming a real problem.)


  1. Do you possibly have the product name for the glitter letters? I couldn't find them on the website and I would love to order them. They are such a cool find.

  2. Oh, you enabler, you! I'm going to have to take a little trip to Archivers today, I think! I want those letters so bad, I'm even willing to brave the narrow aisles with my grabby little Octo-baby. That's some serious WANT!!


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