Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As soon as I pull back the curtains in Jack's room, he rushes to the window with glee. "I see? I see?" Then he stands on his stool and watches the birds, or the school kids getting on and off their school buses. The new curtains were a big hit! I put them up while he was out with his dad, and when he came home I took him in there to see them. He smiled his biggest smile, went rushing over to them and investigated all the vehicles on them pointing each one out, "fire truck, bus, digger..." Never mind how dirty my screens are (there are constantly spiders in our windows), and that the dead bush is still there. LOL
I bought these at a junk sale this weekend. I love, love, love them! Pink and aqua and birds, oh my! (And they only cost me 10 cents each.) They are in terrific condition, except that the one has some label gum still on it that I haven't figured out how to remove. (The magic eraser takes off the gold of the design and I am afraid Goo Gone will do the same.) I thought maybe the remaining labels were in French, but some googling only turns up that Dulces is Spanish for "candies." The "Te" is tea I am sure, but, I have no clue in what language??? There is a teeny tiny makers make that looks like it says "jove ma de setuin." Any ideas on the language?


  1. Could it be Portuguese? They are darling!

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Very cute photo of Jack :) I kind of wish that we lived on a busier street where there were more trucks. Soon the construction project next-door will be over, and that will indeed be a sad day for Madeline.

  3. These jars are just lovely!!!

  4. What a find! So very unique. Have you just tried hot water to remove the label stuff? I would worry that any kind of rubbing might remove the gold, though. No clue on the language but I'll check with a friend who speaks about 7 languages. :)


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