Friday, September 15, 2006

"This is really cute and all...

...but I won't be making one for Christmas!" is what I told my husband when this beast was finally finished. I don't know why, but my photos are blurry. It was windy (making it look a little lopsided) and hard enough to take them as it was, but geesh, I had hoped for better! It must have taken me a good 40 hours to cut out all those tiny pieces and do the embroidery and put this thing together. There is a lot of glue involved, because honestly, if I had sewn the whole thing? I would have been sewing until next Halloween at the earliest. I have already picked up some of Jack's new favorite thing stickers ("Dickers!") and some little Halloween rings and things to put in the pockets for him.

And, this idea was not my own, I of course got it from Pottery Barn Kids. Their version runs about $65, I think I spent less than $10, but the time, oh the time! Oh well, I will treasure it forever!

I hate the spider square by the way, but I was too frustrated to care anymore. LOL


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    That IS really cute! I'm super impressed. When you had posted just a few pics some days (weeks?) ago I thought to myself holy crap she's gotta do 31 of those? I never would have made it. Did you post a pattern already, or was it made from scratch with the PB version as inspiration?

    Has Jack seen it yet or will it be a surprise on the 1st? I'm anticipating more body art pics with halloween stickers this time. :)

  2. It's GORGEOUS! What a labor of love. You know Jack will treasure it and how exciting to get goodies everyday! Fabtastic job!


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