Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Birthday Parties

For some reason I never have a decent photo of Jack's birthday parties. I think I just get too busy to take a picture.

Either way, here are a few to give you the idea. I used loads of orange and white tissue balls and fans (which Jack deemed butterflies);

Hung up a Happy Birthday sign with his beloved Teletubbies on it. Jack found this in the storage area of our basement, we used it many, many moons ago for another party;

And fed everyone all the orange food you can imagine: carrots, oranges, goldfish crackers, halloween M&Ms, Doritos, hot dogs and Jack's favorite, candy corn!. I did end up making the cupcakes, which of course I forgot to take a photo of, they were just star shaped and dusted with orange sanding sugar. I served them with the yummiest orange dream ice cream. (BTW, there is nothing wrong with store bought cupcakes, I just really wanted something orange to fit my theme.)

Because the house is already done up in plenty of orange for Halloween, it was easy enough to pull off a very orange theme.

Now, only 2 more days until my baby is 2! years old!


  1. What a fun party! And who doesn't love orange? I bet Jack had a fabulous time. :)

    Star shaped cupcakes? Star shaped cupcake pan? Sounds cute, do tell.

  2. Happy birthday, Jack!!


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