Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busy as a Bee

We took Jack to the pumpkin patch this weekend. He wasn't feeling like posing for pictures, but, he was completely into the "punkins." He is also into "skeltons" (a.k.a. Skeleton), and absolutely shrieked with horror when I suggested he NOT sleep with the skulls he was clutching. (At a sale this weekend, I bought an old Barnabas Collins Coffin game, he is enthralled by the little skeleton pieces in it.)

I have been busy, busy getting the house cleaned up for his party next weekend. Let me just tell you now that when I have to wash all the curtains, rugs, shower curtains, and other soft furnishings, it takes me a full two hours just to take them all down!

I also finished his birthday crown (above). The stripes are actually needle felted on. My first needle felting project complete! Now if I can only manage to talk him into putting it on for at least 2 seconds. It very well may never happen, and that pumpkin may be the only thing this year to wear the crown other than my goofy husband, who has already tried it on more than once. (That fact doesn't make me feel very optimistic about getting him into a Halloween costume either. LOL!)

And I finished my own fall purse, I need daylight to take a photo though. What on earth am I going to craft next? The list is getting dangerously short!


  1. That is so funny about his obsession with skeletons. Perhaps you have a future doctor in the house!

    So, my mom gave me a new sewing machine two years ago which I've never used. Your blog is inspiring me to get it out of the closet and try. I'm thinking about easy homemade XMas gifts for the extended fam. Any ideas for a beginner?

  2. I can think of things to add to your list! :-) The crown looks lovely - I hope that he will wear it at least for a bit. We are taking Katrina to the pumpkin patch next weekend. Your pumpkin and pic with Jack are making me excited to go!

  3. I love the crown! I can't wait to do that tradition for my own children some day (soon I hope!) And I'm with Jack, punkins and skeltons rule, especially in October!


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