Sunday, October 15, 2006

Flea markets

If you've ever read a flea market guide, you know they aren't always right in their evaluation of certain flea markets. We live near a flea market that is always rated as "one of the best in the midwest" in those guides. Personally, having lived in Florida, I think the flea market here is really hit or miss. Sometimes it is fantastic, sometimes, I wonder why we bother.

Since Jack's birthday party was yesterday (pictures to come on his actual birthday), I didn't do my usual Saturday morning junking, so, I decided we should go to the flea market this morning. We didn't even get out of bed until 9 am, it was cold and looked like rain, and it was 10 am before we were even close to the market. I only took $10 with me, because I figured there would be no vendors there and we would turn around and head right home.

I was wrong.

By the time we were only 1/4 way through the stalls I had spent everything in my pocket and everything in my husband's wallet. Honestly, I could have spent more this morning if we had it on us. I bought 3 great vintage candlewick spreads in white, no holes, $10 for all 3. I use them to make "lazy slipcovers" for our furniture in the playroom, and when they tear, I sew with them. I also bought: a red and white cutter quilt ($3), 6 vintage japan santa ornaments ($3), a 1950s tea pitcher and 3 glasses in pink and black ($7), the awesome handmade rug above (it was $5, I would have bought 2 more, as they are usually crazy expensive and hard to find around here), and 20 of those vintage butterfly ornament picks ($5).

****Speaking of ornaments, I have 3 dozen Shiny Brites, in original boxes (2 dozen red and 1 dozen turquoise, not all have the shiny brite caps though), that I wondered if anyone was interested in? I thought maybe we could do a little swap. You send me whatever your heart desires, and I send you ornaments! I really have too many to keep them all. Just leave me a note if you are interested.******


  1. Okay, I'm dying to see your Santa Ornaments and the tea set! PLEASE? :)

  2. That rug is crazy beautiful! Please tell me where the flea market is! I think I live in the same area as you. Sheesh, that rug has me seriously jealous. I have been looking all over for one or two or maybe 10 or twelve. If I don't find one soon, I am going to give up and make one or two...but definately not twelve!


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