Thursday, October 05, 2006

Getting to know you

Laura, While I am pretty sure you are looking for me to say that my favorite creative thing to do is something like sewing (or painting, I used to paint before I got hooked on my sewing machine), I really spend a LOT of time junking. I cannot drive past a yard sale, I love a rummage sale, we go to flea markets all over the country, antique malls, you name it. I suppose it "is" creative, because it is how I decorate my home. I also spend a fair amount of time decorating for every holiday, even the fourth of July!

The photo above is of my best, best, best find ever. We used to live in Florida, where the junking was fantastic. I had been wanting a shabby chic iron bed forever. I wandered into a little antique store one day after school, and in the back hallway, not even priced yet, there she was. It was already white, and it was perfect. The old couple who had run the store forever told me it just came in today, but, since it wasn't high tourist season it would be mine for $300. That is a lot of money for me, but, it was fate. I had to find an old school blacksmith to weld it for me, one of the sides was broken and old beds are not long enough to hold modern mattresses. It cost me another full $200 to have it repaired, but I have slept in that bed every night since. We have it loaded with down comforters and one of those memory foam nests, and I am telling you it is an awesome nest. Isn't it beautiful?

BTW, every single thing in that photo aside from the curtains (IKEA) and some of the bed linens (some of the pillow cases are thrifted), are from junking.

Nicole, congratulations on the first quilt blocks! I definitely think a good stash is important. Sewing is a real drag if you get a vision and then can't find anything in the house to make that vision come true. I am about to start cataloging my fabric stash, and I am sure I must have 200 different fabrics at this point. I will show you the book I am using to do that when I have it ready!

Doesn't Jack look happy there? He loves collecting things right now. (That mess in the backyard is only part of his collection, which includes a lot of pinecones, acorns, rocks, sticks, etc.)

Rebecca, I asked Jack what his favorite color was and he said "red, red, red!" Silly toddlers, doesn't he know that in one week we are having an "orange, orange, orange!" party? My own favorite color is clearly pink, and I am pleased as punch that he finally recognizes pink! (And, he can now say "frift store," and that isn't a typo, but exactly how he says it.)

Kristin! Good to see you. I will email you about Jack's birthday.

Whew! That was long. Off to the sewing machine I go.


  1. Red! Great, I love red, too. :) (and orange and pink of course) I totally think junking is creative! Your bed is amazing, don't you just love when you get a great deal on something and use it everyday?

  2. I love the bed. What a neat find. It is so great to see something that you have been pining for and to know that it can be yours. I grew up junking. We went to every yard sale that we could go to and most of what I had growing up (books, clothes, toys) came from those Saturdays spent looking for great finds. There aren't a lot of good sales in State College, so I live vicariously through you and all of the neat things that you find!

  3. Anonymous9:47 AM

    That's the prettiest bedframe I've ever seen! I love that it has curves!

  4. Love the thrifty bed! It is worth every penny you spent because YOU love it! You did a great job with your "frifty" room, too...LOL Jack is adorable. Thanks for popping in over and my lil blog, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one with too many choices!!


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