Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween: The final chapter

Today the Great Pumpkin gave to me:
Most importantly, most of my Halloween spirit back! Thanks, in part to, the following:

Chocolate chip Halloween pancakes for breakfast (my family was sorely lacking in tradition, so I am trying to institute a few traditions with Jack),

One very good trip to the thrift store this morning! I found an IKEA rosalinda duvet cover and sham, some Rachel Ashwell curtains and some Laura Ashley pillow shams that match my living room curtains (I never find IKEA stuff since the closet IKEA is in Chicago),

One toddler who reports that pumpkin guts "smell", but are good for driving through,

One cool pumpkin, finally painted and carved,

And one potato head pumpkin.

Still to come, photos of Jack in his costume (I hope he will wear it!), and the Jack-o-lanterns all lit up. Sorry for the photo wonkiness, Blogger is a huge pain in my, ahem, rear end.

**Is anyone else who pre-ordered the Crafters Companion still waiting? It's killing me that it isn't here yet!**


  1. Way to go on the thrifted linens! Good finds. Your painted pumpkin is neat! We didn't manage to get ours done this year. I had planned on it today but couldn't squeeze it in. Glad you got your Halloween spirit back!

  2. Pumpkins are way cute :) & Congrats on the good deals with the linens. We didn't have time to do the pumpkin carving either. LOL at pumpkin guts smelling! Things kids say!

  3. I can't believe you found all of those cool brands of fabric. Especially the Ikea one. What a lovely score. I love your painted pumpkin with the house. That is so neat.

  4. Can't wait to see Jack in his Halloween costume. Just popping over to say "Yeah! You got your Halloween spirit back" (where did you get the pancake shapers for Halloween) and to let you know that I washed the ball and it is lovely! Didn't even need to be fluffed. I line dried it and it is good as new!

  5. Love the linens! I actually have the Ikea curtains that match the bottom ones (white with red flowers) do you want them? I am going to replace them and they were heading for the thrift store box. I never cut them so they are super long. They just need to be washed. I already have a curtain for that room ready to go. I'm just being lazy.

    love the pumpkins :)
    Let me know, I'd rather send them to you then the thrift. :)


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