Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On the fifth day of Halloween...

(Is that right, the 5th day? Ah well, 7 days left at any rate.) The Great Pumpkin gave to me:

One sweet toddler in a corn maze,

And one very hard to photograph Halloween tree. I love the vintage inflatables. My husband dug them up at a junk sale. (There are others too! I hope to get more photos of our Hallowe'en decor up this week.) The cat is the greatest. I suppose that in order to get a good photo I need to cover up the mirror? Moving the tree is out of the question, it would be too scary, even for Halloween!

P.S. Diana, I think blogger is having issues again, I couldn't see your photos either earlier today.


  1. Now I can see them! The corn maze picture is classic!

  2. These pics are too wonderful.


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