Saturday, October 28, 2006

On the ninth day of Halloween...

The Great Pumpkin gave to me:

One glorious sunshiney day in the country after 2 solid weeks of rain (that is Missouri wine country, my heart feels so still out there),

One finally finished felt treat bag. The eyes are made from vintage rhinestone buttons that Jack thinks are "lights",

One very happy toddler in a giant sandbox of corn kernels at yet another pumpkin patch (that is visit number 3 for us this year!),

And one terrific tractor driven hayride.


  1. Cute little bag! That corn sandbox looks fun!

  2. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I love that everyone wore orange to the pumpkin patch :)

  3. Your bag is just wonderful! I so need to try applique, you've inspired me!


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