Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fa La La and La

So, we have been having a constant downpour of ice since 8 am. That means that right now we have 9 hours worth of ice on the ground, with up to 12 inches of snow coming on top of it over night.

It's a good thing I can sew again! The pattern for these cuties is in the Winter Issue of Cutting Edge magazine, courtesy of Hillary. There is a wierd reflection from the mirror, but as you can imagine it is dark outside here!

I think I should call them Fa and La and La and La. Like "this is my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl" from Newhart. Does anyone else remember that?

On that note, I have blogged every day in November but one. Yea for me!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In my hot little hands

Finally! An issue of Marie Claire Idees! It is as wonderful as I had imagined. I think I might have to break down and pay the $40 for the subscription through Amazon, since it was really hard to get this copy. (I wanted to check it out before subscribing.)

Thrifted yesterday. (The light is making it look a little funny.) I first left them at the thrift store, then about 5 miles away, I realized I just *had* to have them. There are a pair of them, and they remind me of the cheesy 1960s stuff my grandparents had when I was a kid. I did have to add more glitter to them, since the ugly brown plastic was showing through in several places.

I have been sewing, sewing, sewing like a mad woman today. It is awesome to have my new sewing room, and to have everything organized. I can find what I need, what I want, and actually get some work done.

To answer a few questions: the glass glitter on the star tree topper was pretty easy to use. It looks beautiful. I put it on top of a layer of poly glitter to get better coverage. I think the houses are vintage, likely 1960s. They have a country stamped on the bottom, but, it is illegible. You can find the button tree by clicking on the November 2006 link in the right side bar. It is somewhere in there.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh feather tree, oh feather tree

How lovely are your branches.

Jack is in love with this tree, particularly the little houses.

We found all the little houses at the market this weekend. I love how they have little prints on them, like this one. They remind me of 1960's fabric.

I have never been brave enough to display this tree before, except when it was used to decorate our wedding reception. I finally found a stand that keeps the cats away from it, and so far so good. You can find your own pink feather tree at The Feather Tree Company. Mine is the 4 foot deluxe version.

I made the star from card stock and some glass glitter my husband bought me this summer. I spotted the GORGEOUS (really, the photos do not it justice, and we spent a long time trying to get a good photo too!) old tinsel at a sale this summer, wadded up in a bag with new silver garland. I knew from across the room there was good stuff in the bag, and I spent hours this summer untangling it. The plastic snowflakes and chandelier crystals have been with me for years now, from a garage sale, I think.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. I hope you aren't already sick of my Christmas stuff, there is a lot of it!

Monday, November 27, 2006

A cautionary tale

I bought this old Christmas pillowcase at the market on Sunday. While I was ripping out the seams so I could use it as a skirt on my living room desk, I discovered that the bells were actually gold once upon a time, and not green as they appear to be now. It was musty smelling, so I had rinsed it in the sink and air dried it today. I was afraid to machine wash it or oxi-clean it because of the red. It is a good thing I didn't put any oxi-clean on it in retrospect.

In case you haven't learned this lesson through a horrible laundry accident already, oxi-clean causes a chemical reaction with the old gold paints/dyes and it will leave nothing but big holes where the gold once was. (You don't really want to see what happened to my Christmas tablecloth before I knew this information.) Had I been too quick with the Oxi, I would have had nothing left. Clearly I need to be careful to do a little excavating when cleaning old Christmas linens.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hi again.

Hi again. Did you miss me?
Santa is from the flea market this morning. It has been 70 degrees here for days now. It's wierd to be at the flea market the last weekend in November in Missouri. Of course, in Florida, we went year round.

Jack is now residing in the "blue room." It has been a ridiculous amount of work, but totally worth it. His room looks great in there with the blue. Ignore the lack of proper curtains, they are in the pipeline. The chair under the window is now the best seat in the house, and he has spent many hours asking if we can sit and read in his chair.

Remember this? I was terrified of moving him. It is the best thing we have ever done. For 2 years I have not been able to sew a stitch or even use the bathroom because you couldn't walk down the hall while Jack was sleeping. I am finally free! Free! I can move about as I please.

And my beautiful new sewing room. Everything is sorted, folded, organized. And NOT piled up to the ceiling. I need to move up the curtains a touch, the tabs are too low, and it is a bit more crowded since it is the smaller of the two bedrooms, but otherwise it is heavenly. Clearly the nosey cats think so too.

My favorite, favorite part of my new room. A patchwork bulletin board. I am clearly patchwork obsessed at the moment. I love that it gets some of my pretty fabrics out of a drawer, I love that have a place to tack up the sweet cards some of you have sent me, I love that I have a place to keep all those little applique patterns and inspiring magazine photos, and so forth that are constantly being lost. It's swell.

Too much work this weekend, time to go read a magazine.

P.S. Thank you for the well wishes for Jack, he is improving, but still not himself.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Can't blink

Tired. Oh so tired. Moved Jack into the sewing room, moved sewing room into Jack's room. Jack's room is done. Sewing room is piled to the ceiling. Tired. Oh so tired. (And I miss my sewing machine, so I am highly motivated to clean up my mess so I can sew.)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours.

The back of the postcard says Printed in Germany. I can't read the postmark, but the address is Mrs Chas. Hixon, No. Uxbridge (?) Mass. A little googling says that postcards cost 1 cent to mail between 1898 and 1952.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving already. Where does the time go? This year I am thankful for not having to cook the holiday meal, all we have to do is arrive at someone else's house!

And I am eternally thankful for my terrific husband. December is coming, and that means he will be home with us a lot more than usual! Yea!! for time together. I am thankful that he never thinks I am a crazy person when I am ridiculously excited to hurry back to Target (more on that later), that he will not complain when I make him move 9,000 pounds of fabric out of my sewing room this weekend and into Jack's room so that we can finally trade spaces. (I am little sad that Jack will moving out of his nursery, but it is beyond time.) I am thankful that he will sort out how to back up my blog so that I can match the switch to Blogger Beta and finally be able to tag my entries.

Jack is still feeling poorly, so I am off.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thrifting the night away

Since yard sale season is practically dead, Jack and I are spending more time at the thrift store. This is a double edged sword really, since donations to the thrift store are also down, because people have no yard sale leftovers to donate. Ah well, it makes more exciting when I actually do find something!

I nearly passed by the present garland, thinking it was just cheesy 1960s presents. A second glance though and I realized that said cheesy presents were strung on glass bead garland, and of course, it became love at first sight. There were two strands (quite long actually), one is already hung up in the bathroom.

The rose print is a Rachel Ashwell for Target tablecloth. Silly me, when this was on clearance at Target, I had it in my cart 3 different times and I kept putting it back. All I could think of was that I would never put it on the table, since I use all my vintage tablecloths, and I have made the mistake before of buying a new one and then I end up giving it away. Now that I am sewing, I will chop the thing up! Duh.

The other "Duh" is the price of things at Goodwill. Honestly, it would have been cheaper to buy it directly from Target.

The blue checked piece is embroidered yardage. (And again with the prices, $4! for a little over a yard.) Maybe vintage, maybe not, destined to be a cute bag.

I am DYING to be sewing, I really must finish the Christmas tree project.

Monday, November 20, 2006


So, remember that post about Jack being a little under the weather? Well, he has been crying and carrying on something terrible for 4 solid days. Obviously, I have done nothing, no laundry, no cooking, no breathing (ha!). The doctor this afternoon diagnosed his first ear infection. 2 years was a good long run, but, man oh man am I relieved to know that something really IS wrong! (I was desperately afraid this was the beginning of a really horrible terrible 2 thing.)

Have I mentioned I also have a huge vintage quilt collection? My mom found this adorable doggie quilt for Jack some time ago. Aren't they so cute? The piecing is amazing, I wish my own piecing were that good.

Speaking of which, my husband wants to know what I want for Christmas. I have no idea. Zero. Zippo. I said maybe some quilting classes. How about you? What are dreaming of under the tree?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hat's off

Jack, sporting his watch and his reindeer hat, protests with chants of "take it off, jacket off, hat off, take it off," and before I can blink, he has removed everything but a onesie and his diaper!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

5 things about Jack

5 things you may not know about Jack:
1. He has never allowed red meat to pass his lips. Ditto that for pork. He will occassionally eat a chicken nugget. Can you be born a veggiesaurus?
2. He is choo-choo obsessed. He asks to play choo-choo 12 hours a day. (Both Thomas and Geotrax.)
3. He has recently started singing his A-B-C's. However, he sings them like this "k-z-t-g-q-m-i-p..." (I think this is crazy adorable.)
4. For his very first Christmas, when he was only 8 weeks old, he was the Baby Jesus in our Church Christmas pageant. My husband and I were Mary and Joseph. I have been telling him this a lot lately, so he has started walking around saying "Baby Jesus". I can only imagine what people are thinking. LOL
5. Jack has GER, or reflux. It started when he was 8 weeks old. He would scream 12 hours a day, non-stop. Our doctor told us he had colic and he would eventually outgrow it. It took me 4 months to find a doctor who would listen to me, because at 6 months old the other doctor was still saying he had colic. As soon as we starting giving him medicine, he stopped screaming. He actually is part of a very small number of babies who never outgrow reflux. At 2 years old, he still needs daily medication. (At 31 years old, I still hate that first doctor, and feel very, very badly for babies and parents who are trying to live through "colic".)

P.S. Heidi, I read your last comment and thought it was worth mentioning to everyone, if you aren't subscribed through bloglines, you should try it! It eliminates the need for obsessive checking. (Although, you will then just obsessively check bloglines, but that is another story.)

Friday, November 17, 2006

So you wanna make a button tree?

First, Jack is sick and I am not too hot myself, so, if it seems like I have missed anything obvious, please let me know. Second, yes, it took me at least 8 hours. I know, it doesn't seem like it should take so long, but it did.

Ok, you are going to need: band-aids, there will likely be blood drawn, no one can use 700 pins without a few sticks, can they?; a styrofoam cone, mine is approximately 9 inches tall; corsage pins (fancy pearl headed pins) at least 200; silk pins (tiny silver pins with flat heads) at least 500; buttons, somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 buttons, this works out to be nearly a pound I think; other assorted baubles like rhinestones, vintage earrings, etc.; glass beads of all shapes and sizes, including seed beads, all told you need as many glass beads as buttons (that is my bead collection above to give you an idea of what I used); pearls, however many floats your boat, but I will tell you my tree didn't look the same until I went crazy with the pearls; a piece of fabric to cover the cone, I used pink; tweezers if your buttons still have pieces of thread, fabric, metal, etc, stuck to them; and a piece of wool felt large enough to make a skirt for the bottom.

Optional: glue of some sort. I didn't glue mine, partly because I am non-committal, partly because some glues will make it hard to push the pins in, and partly because it would have taken even longer!

If it seems like a lot of stuff, it is! I am lucky in that I have most of that stuff lying around my sewing room, so I only had to buy pins and a cone.

Wrap the cone in fabric. I just did it willy nilly and pinned the excess on the top and bottom down. Pin along the side seam of the fabric also.

Start sticking on buttons with the silk pins. In order to keep most of the buttons on you will need to first put a bead on the pin, then the button. You could skip the beads if your buttons have teeny tiny holes, but, none of mine did. I did the first layer of buttons in all white buttons, trying to keep larger ones near the bottom, and smaller ones near the top. Getting the first layer done took about 4 hours, but, I did have to remove threads from some of my buttons.

Start cursing this stupid project and swearing that next time you will just pay the $50.

Start sticking on the second layer of buttons, this time using all your special buttons, earrings and other bits and bobs. Use the corsage pins and/or the silk pins with prettier beads, because you will be able to see the pins from this layer. I tried to put the second layer of buttons in the "in between places" from the first layer, where my fabric was still showing.

Stop every 10 minutes and beg your husband to keep your toddler out of the precious buttons. Swear to said baby that you will buy him more buttons.

Once you have crammed as many buttons as you can on there, stick on at least 20 more! Then go back and fill in the still empty looking spaces with pearls and rhinestones. Choose something for a tree topper. Curse as you try and figure how to attach said topper. Mine is an earring, so I used a pearl headed pin and put the pearl inside the clip part of the earring.

Cut out a scalloped skirt for the bottom, mine is held on with permanent double stick tape. Stick it on a candy dish of some sort and viola! Your own hard earned button tree.

* If you have shank buttons, you will have to use the tweezers to bend the silk pins.

**If you make a tree, let me know! I want to see them.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Button, Button

EDIT 12-6-07: Hello and welcome to everyone making their way over from Whip up! In case you need it, there are directions for making your own button trees here . If you make one, let me know, I love to see them!

Remember that talk we had about me being a crazy person? In the midst of the Christmas decorating madness, I have been making this little beauty. I saw them on Ebay for what I "thought" was a LOT of money, and of course, the "I can make that for $5" disease kicked right in. I was right, you could make it for about $10, but, I am not going to lie to you about the amount of time involved. (I think it was more than 8 hours.) I now understand why the price tag was so high!

The other problem is the sheer amount of buttons, beads, baubles, pearls, etc. required. (I am pretty sure based on the amount of pins I used that there are more than 550 buttons there.) Jack's button stash was getting desperately low and I wasn't anywhere near finished. I couldn't face having "stolen" all of his buttons, so we went to the flea market in order to procure more. It was my lucky day, and I bought hundreds and hundreds of buttons for $4.

If anyone needs a supply list and/or directions to get started, let me know.

And look what came in the mail today! Lucky me, lucky me! Thank you Rebecca for the goodies. The curtains are indeed a match and as soon as Jack and I are done playing choo choo, the magazine is first on my list.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The end of warm fall days

Last week we had 2 or 3 days near 80 degrees. It was lovely, and Jack and I played outside all day. Jack really loved riding his "vroom, vroom" through the leaves.

Tomorrow the forecast calls for snow, and I am quite excited! Jack has been asking me about snow for a few weeks now, and it will be interesting to see how he reacts to it this year. If you need a refresher on last year's snowcapades see here.

P.S. I am trying to figure out how to put a rollover tag on my photos, so that they change when you put your cursor over them. HOWEVER, if you are reading using bloglines, that will mean a lot of posts coming and going while I am trying to work it out. Sorry!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't be scared

Rebecca sent me a card with a sticker on the envelope that says, "Motherhood: a love greater than your love for sleep, organization and good personal hygiene."

Truer words have never spoken around here at the moment. That mess is only part of my current Christmas mess. Organization, schmorganization. I am operating on a limited time schedule here!

We are also very short on sleep, since Jack is currently "skeered" of everything. This apparently includes a fear of sleeping. Don't ask me. I am clearly not afraid of sleeping.

Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, the Christmas mess will be cleaned up and Jack won't be skeered anymore.

P.S. Laura, all of this holiday stuff (and the stuff for Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc.) fits into a suprisingly small space. Most of our basement is the playroom for Jack, which also doubles as our family room, since the fireplace is down there. I can cram A LOT of crap into a closet. LOL

Monday, November 13, 2006

Applique, applique, applique

Sorry for the bad lighting, but I had to get these onesies into the mail. As you can tell I am applique crazy at the moment. The elephant turned out WAY better than I ever expected! I hope my new niece looks adorable in them.

At the moment, my sewing room is piled to the freaking ceiling with the christmas decorations. Here's hoping I am able to dig my way out soon, I think I should be crafting Christmas presents already. And, it will likely take me at least 3 days to put out the Christmas decorations and roughly 7-8 hours per tree on top of that. Hmm, 3 trees times 8 hours, my head is spinning already.

P.S. Renee, how awesome to see you here! I hope you will return and leave me an email address so I can get in touch with you again.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Q & A

Ok, posting every day is a challenge. I thought I might answer some questions that have gone unanswered in my comments. Exciting, eh? LOL

My Halloween pancakes were made with regular old cookie cutters. I tried pouring the batter into them in the skillet, but it was easier to just make regular pancakes and them cut out the shapes after the fact. (Plus, then I got to eat the scraps. Yummy.)

Jack's Halloween costume came from Old Navy. Yes, I sew a lot. BUT, I do not make clothes. Every time I have tried I end up disappointed and/or extremely frustrated. Clothes are clearly meant to come Old Navy.

The Halloween Play-doh were a huge pack of mini tubs from Costco.

The Halloween garlands came from Oriental Trading Company. Let them send their catalogues, their website is overwhelming!

Would I recommend the book Thrift Score? Well, I checked it out from the library, and read the whole thing in one day. It is interesting, but mostly filled with ideas on how to use things you can find in thrift stores, not really new information about thrifting per se.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

As the collection grows

I picked up another tablecloth this morning while Jack and I were thrifting. I had almost given up hope on finding anything at all today, and there it was, in amongst the vinyl tablecloths, waiting for me to find it.

I cannot remember what sparked my interest in them, I think it was an article in one of the country home type magazines, but, I can still remember which cloth was my first, and how much I paid for it. (It was 25 cents, I know you were wondering!)

I must have more than 50 of them at this point. I use a different one each week on our kitchen table, and it doesn't matter to me if they are stained or have holes. In fact, the beauty on the table this week has a big paint spot on it. I love how Karen, of The Vintage Table refers to tablecloths as being part of "herstory," and I always wonder what other lives my tablecloths have seen. (Although, I must admit, those that have seen lives as painting dropcloths are amongst the sadder stories of the lot.)

Anyway, I really like this one. It has interesting flora on it. Cockleburrs? Sweetgum balls? I have no clue what they are, but, in the weeks to come, it will grace my kitchen table, Jack will declare it "Pretty!" and part of "my story" it shall become.

And because no thrifting trip is complete without something for Jack, a book for him it was! An unusual find because it is in German, and I shall *attempt* to read it to him German as well. It is a cute little hide and seek book, "1,2,3 Here I come!"

P.S. I think that with winter closing in, I will share more of my tablecloth collection in the coming months.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Guest Blogging - A Dad's eye view

So it isn't often I'd choose to show a picture of my little man digging in the trash can, but this was an important moment for father and son. You see, in the past week he has helped me while I was replacing some worn out electrical outlets and he said "Not for babies, dangerous, Daddy fix it, lights work." He knew that because I'd been able to explain it to him. I was grilling and he came outside and said, "Hot. Chicken. Hungry. Hot. Burn baby." Again, that I could explain.

Then, there was this moment when one of his favorite toy cars fell apart at the rivets. Once I determined that no trick up my Tim the Toolman sleeve was going to bring that Mini Cooper, which Jack expertly called his mini, back from the dead, I told him, "Jack, this car is broken and now it's dangerous, so we have to throw it away." A moment later, I knew just how insufficient my words had been. Sure, when describing something as rational as a BBQ grill being hot or a power outlet being dangerous, I had just the right message.

Alas, when something dear met an early demise, I found my words terribly lacking. Jack visited that trash can from the time "Mini" went in it until he went to bed that night. And, if it weren't for the convenience of the toddler one track mind reset of sleep, he'd still be checking that trash can now.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


At last! A new messenger bag. This one took a long time to make, I spent at least 8 hours on it on Saturday while Jack was with Dave, and another 3 or 4 hours here or there. I am really pleased with the results.

I had a really hard time getting the diamond quilting to work right on the first try, which resulted in a ruined piece of my precious reproduction fabric. That held me up a few days, because that shop is only open on the weekend.

My patchwork on the flap is still not quite perfect, but, I am getting better. And just when I thought I finally had it finished, the iron kissed the vinyl strap, melting it a little, so I need to rip that part out and fix it.

Close up of the bird applique.

Close up of the diamond quilting.

Inspiration (and help!) came from this and this and finally this.

Coming tomorrow, my husband makes a guest blogger appearance, be sure to wish him well while you are here!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democracy in action

I never remember seeing my parents vote. I don't even remember someone telling me it was very important to vote. In fact, the first time I voted was when Jack was about 3 weeks old. (And, I had already worked out how to vote in that election if I happened to be in the hospital giving birth, I was that determined to vote.)

I really want Jack to know the importance of participation in government. I hope that he will vote in the very first election he is able to after he turns 18.

And so, to instill in him the importance of civic participation, I take him with me every time I vote. I hope that when he has children of his own he will tell them "I remember going to vote with my mama when I was small."

And I hope by then I will have forgotten how incredibly difficult it is to fill in silly little bubbles with a black marker while a two year old is crying and running wild at my feet. Tell me again, why don't we have those electronic machines yet?

Monday, November 06, 2006

5 things

Gosh, posting every day is hard work!

Anyway, 5 things you may not know about me:
1. I met my husband on the internet. Back in the day when the internet was still relatively unknown, and internet relationships were very taboo.

2. I want to have another child, but, I am terrified. And I mean terrified. Of so many things I couldn't even begin to name them all.

3. I left high school with a full scholarship to a local college. I promptly flunked out. I took a few years to myself, to work, to grow up, to learn how to cook a turkey, and when I returned to college, I graduated as a double major with a degree in Biology and a certificate in Secondary Education. I had a 3.64 GPA when I finally finished. Yea me!

4. I have a very tidy house, ridiculously tidy actually. My car on the other hand? An unholy pigsty. Oh man, the cookies, crackers, hot wheels, rocks, acorns, fruit snack wrappers, empty milk containers, straw wrappers, I could go on and on. (I am hiding from the shame of it already, better hit the publish button quickly.)

5. Every single time I am forced to finally give in and do the laundry I always loudly declare that this is the week we become nudists.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What I love

*How much Jack adores his Thomas slippers, he asks to wear them every day.
*How Jack said "missed you" when he finally! got home from his big adventure yesterday.
*How Jack has been running around the house all day asking where the "skeltins", "frankenschtein" and "punkins" have gone. (I took down the Halloween stuff today.)
*That sweet new baby smell of my beautiful new niece, Maggie.
*My terrific husband, who has had to spend an entire Sunday repairing both of our cars, which unfortunately broke at the same time. (One water pump and one brake job later he is still in good spirits.)
*My latest bag, which is finally completed! Hopefully there will be sun tomorrow so I can share it with you.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


What's that I hear?


Jack, Dada, Grandpa and "Chewdee" (Chewey, my dad's yellow lab, who Jack is crazy about), have gone to the country for the whole day! I am alone, here in the house, no children, no neighbors, no meals to cook, no messes to clean, I am free!!!!!!!!

Conversations with Grandpa as they were leaving:
Grandpa hands Jack a cookie, then he is laughing.
Me: "What's funny?"
Grandpa: "He said thanks when I gave him a cookie."
Me: "He says please, thank you, and you're welcome."
Grandpa: " Yes, but he said it unprompted."
Me: "He does that almost all the time."
Grandpa: "Well, I'll be damned."


The ducks above are so cute, they are old hard plastic toys, picked up somewhere outside of Chicago.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Thrifting with a purpose

I just finished reading Thrift Score. What does that have to do with my pantry? Well, while I was reading it I realized that I never thrift "with a purpose." We buy a lot of stuff secondhand - almost all of our furniture, Jack's toys, household and holiday decorations, etc. But, I never think that I could use another muffin tin and look for one while we are in the thrift store, instead we go to Target and buy a new one.

As it is, part of what I like about thrifting is that it happens organically. Find something interesting and buy it. Sort out what to do with it later. And, I still want to thrift that way, but, I also want to start trying to thrift with a "purpose", keeping a list of things we could use in my purse and trying to pick up a few things we need while thrifting. (We are going to be at the thrift store no matter what, right?)

So, back to the pantry. It was such a disaster that you could hardly even open the door in there anymore (thanks to Costco). I spent 3 hours sorting it out yesterday, and Jack spent 3 hours eating everything he could get his hands on. You know, the things that are usually doled out in small quantities? Cookies, crackers, and even cheetos! Anyway, while tidying it up, I put a lot of the things I had picked up this summer thrifting to good use. You probably remember the foreign language canisters? Now they are holding chocolate chips, pecans and marshmallows!

It felt terrific to get the pantry organized and to be able to do it with stuff that was just cluttering up the cabinets instead of buying something new to do the job.

How about you? Do you thrift for the fun of it? With a purpose? Or a little of both?

Thursday, November 02, 2006


From one man's dress shirt into one shirt dress for me. The photo is really bad, but, it's cold and Jack isn't a very good photographer yet! Inspired by this.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween: The Epilogue

Taking pictures of Jack right now is a bit like trying to photograph a hummingbird with a pin hole camera, he never stops moving, and the digital delay on my now ancient digital camera is really getting the better of me!

My concerns about him not wanting to wear the costume were completely unfounded. He thought the whole thing was great fun! It took us almost 90 minutes to go around the block once, but, he did a great job of "visiting" with all the neighbors, even enchanting them with his newest word "frankenstein!" Which he said instead of Trick or Treat.

I gave him a piece of candy when we got home, and he is already asking me for more! He knows the real deal on Halloween already, eh? It was cold, cold, and he went right to sleep about 20 minutes after we got home.

We handed out play-doh containers this year, and the kids LOVED them! My favorites were a little girl who wanted to pick out a color, and the ones who went running down the driveway shouting "mom! They gave me play-doh!"

I am going to try and do this during November, if Blogger will cooperate. I have already tried to up load the Halloween photos three times.