Monday, November 13, 2006

Applique, applique, applique

Sorry for the bad lighting, but I had to get these onesies into the mail. As you can tell I am applique crazy at the moment. The elephant turned out WAY better than I ever expected! I hope my new niece looks adorable in them.

At the moment, my sewing room is piled to the freaking ceiling with the christmas decorations. Here's hoping I am able to dig my way out soon, I think I should be crafting Christmas presents already. And, it will likely take me at least 3 days to put out the Christmas decorations and roughly 7-8 hours per tree on top of that. Hmm, 3 trees times 8 hours, my head is spinning already.

P.S. Renee, how awesome to see you here! I hope you will return and leave me an email address so I can get in touch with you again.


  1. Wow, three trees, huh? I'm impressed! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I thought that _I_ went overboard with the decorations. The onesies are adorable. Did you have a chance to see your niece?

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    So ... I'm imagining that you guys have a basement that entirely filled up up seasonal decorations! Are your trees real or faux?

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Good thing I checked back to see if you made a note about my comments-- Would love to chat!! Email me at

  4. Anonymous8:13 PM

    The onesies are adorable. I have a question about the do you get the edges to look so clean? I wanted to make favor bags for Syl's 1st birthday with appliqued animals but when I try to cut the fabric the edges fray. So what's the trick?

  5. kacey, I am going to get up an applique tutorial very, very soon, lots of folks have questions. I swear, as soon as I can see the floor in there again.

    laura, I use vintage white trees. They are lovely when they are finished, I can't wait to show you!

    alexandra, I did see my brother's little girl, Maggie. We have yet another new niece, Sophia, who is my husband's brother's baby, so, we have not seen her. Complicated, eh? LOL

  6. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Your niece will look adorable.

  7. The onesies are damn cute...I'm sure your neice is gonna look very adorable in them..My Christmas decorations are already on...jus that I'm still left with some more shopping for can jus dig into my Holiday Blog for some more cool stuff...

  8. I had 2 years last year and I'm adding one in my kitchen so I'll have three, too! I am looking forward to decoarting. I do it on the friday after Thanksgiving while Luis is working. I alsoways look forward to it even though I'm doing it by my self. :)

    Your onsies came out great! I have started my "techniques to try in 2007" list and applique is up there. thanks again for sending me those instructions!!

  9. I'm a kooky kristmas decorator too!
    Wow the onesies are adorable ,are they pink?

  10. The onesies are actually white, but my kitchen lamp has flowers glued onto the shade, so it casts a pinkish glow. (What ISN'T pink around here is the question?) LOL


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