Friday, November 24, 2006

Can't blink

Tired. Oh so tired. Moved Jack into the sewing room, moved sewing room into Jack's room. Jack's room is done. Sewing room is piled to the ceiling. Tired. Oh so tired. (And I miss my sewing machine, so I am highly motivated to clean up my mess so I can sew.)


  1. Congratulations! That's a big deal! Hope he's feeling better.

  2. Very nice blog! I love how you tell your story!

  3. Sarah, (((hugs)), I feel your pain. You really took on a major project! When you said you had been on a major cleaning binge over on my blog, I had no Looking forward to seeing pics of both rooms when you are completely done. (if you want to share that


  4. THANKS FOR CHECKING IN ON MY BLOG, I would love to see your button tree, where is it? Yea I seem to have a problem now with Ebay, Garage sale season is over here, I can still go to the thrift stores, but is that enough? NO! Guess not, must check out Ebay often.
    Going down now and start sorting over all the stuff,see what I really have. I made about 6 lavender sachets a few days ago, think it would be cute to put a bunch of my ebay do-dads on them.


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