Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democracy in action

I never remember seeing my parents vote. I don't even remember someone telling me it was very important to vote. In fact, the first time I voted was when Jack was about 3 weeks old. (And, I had already worked out how to vote in that election if I happened to be in the hospital giving birth, I was that determined to vote.)

I really want Jack to know the importance of participation in government. I hope that he will vote in the very first election he is able to after he turns 18.

And so, to instill in him the importance of civic participation, I take him with me every time I vote. I hope that when he has children of his own he will tell them "I remember going to vote with my mama when I was small."

And I hope by then I will have forgotten how incredibly difficult it is to fill in silly little bubbles with a black marker while a two year old is crying and running wild at my feet. Tell me again, why don't we have those electronic machines yet?


  1. Sadie also came with me to vote and got similar stickers. Instead of a two year running around, I had a two year old crying because only Mommy was allowed to use the black marker and do "colorin' on da votes!".

  2. We didn't get any stickers! I thought that would be such a great association for Claire Helen, but I think they ran out early in the day. Oh well, I guess it means great voter turnout, right?

  3. wonderful that you are taking your son with you to vote -- sweet photo with him and the stickers! and count yourself lucky on not having electronic voting machines --because the electronic voting machines are run by loosely disguised shadows of the republican party.


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