Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't be scared

Rebecca sent me a card with a sticker on the envelope that says, "Motherhood: a love greater than your love for sleep, organization and good personal hygiene."

Truer words have never spoken around here at the moment. That mess is only part of my current Christmas mess. Organization, schmorganization. I am operating on a limited time schedule here!

We are also very short on sleep, since Jack is currently "skeered" of everything. This apparently includes a fear of sleeping. Don't ask me. I am clearly not afraid of sleeping.

Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, the Christmas mess will be cleaned up and Jack won't be skeered anymore.

P.S. Laura, all of this holiday stuff (and the stuff for Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc.) fits into a suprisingly small space. Most of our basement is the playroom for Jack, which also doubles as our family room, since the fireplace is down there. I can cram A LOT of crap into a closet. LOL


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Ha! I as soon as saw that photo I figured you posted it because of my comment :)

    We're holiday decorating amateurs. We didn't actually own a tree or a wreath until last year, and Chris and I have been together for six years ...

  2. I hear ya sister,Christmas decorating week is yet another mess to step over at the Pagoda!

  3. Oh my, that looks like a certain corner of MY basement! :) I can't wait to see your decorations.

  4. Ah but the mess of your Christmas stuff still looks so organized in neat little piles.


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