Thursday, November 09, 2006

Guest Blogging - A Dad's eye view

So it isn't often I'd choose to show a picture of my little man digging in the trash can, but this was an important moment for father and son. You see, in the past week he has helped me while I was replacing some worn out electrical outlets and he said "Not for babies, dangerous, Daddy fix it, lights work." He knew that because I'd been able to explain it to him. I was grilling and he came outside and said, "Hot. Chicken. Hungry. Hot. Burn baby." Again, that I could explain.

Then, there was this moment when one of his favorite toy cars fell apart at the rivets. Once I determined that no trick up my Tim the Toolman sleeve was going to bring that Mini Cooper, which Jack expertly called his mini, back from the dead, I told him, "Jack, this car is broken and now it's dangerous, so we have to throw it away." A moment later, I knew just how insufficient my words had been. Sure, when describing something as rational as a BBQ grill being hot or a power outlet being dangerous, I had just the right message.

Alas, when something dear met an early demise, I found my words terribly lacking. Jack visited that trash can from the time "Mini" went in it until he went to bed that night. And, if it weren't for the convenience of the toddler one track mind reset of sleep, he'd still be checking that trash can now.


  1. Ah poor Jack! You should write more often - its fun to get another perspective on the antics of Jack!

  2. Thats so great your "daddy ^ son time"! Enjoy it!

  3. Hi - I've recently found your blog and love reading your posts. So sorry to read about Jack's mini. My son has two of them and would love to send one of them to Jack! Let me know if you'd like it.


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