Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours.

The back of the postcard says Printed in Germany. I can't read the postmark, but the address is Mrs Chas. Hixon, No. Uxbridge (?) Mass. A little googling says that postcards cost 1 cent to mail between 1898 and 1952.


  1. A family portrait? How fun! Happy turkey day to you!

  2. Hi. Your blog is great ! Take a look on my shoes
    Marina (from France)

  3. What a great picture! You all look so happy (especially Jack) Plus, it's so nice to actually see you! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Such a nice familypicture. You all look sooo happy!

    I have to read through your blog tomorrow (it's 2.11 am right now and I have an appointment at ten so...I really should be sleeping already.) Thanks for sharing that pic!


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